SYTA‘s four day live virtual conference on the eAttend platform featured nonstop attendee interaction with real time keynote sessions, educational lunch and learns, and our favorite Best of Broadway performance!

SYTA’s speakers and moderators joined us onsite to present live from our green screen, equipped with motion tracking cameras and software. The speakers shined with zero delay between other remote presenters and panel discussions. Our six-person broadcast studio team helped with seamless teleprompter delivery (including up to the second scripting changes) to the on-air talent.

A special congratulations to SYTA as they celebrated their 25th Anniversary this year! We look forward to seeing all the celebrations planned for Washington DC in 2022!

Here’s what their team had to say after the event wrapped:

“Thank you SO much for all your hard work. Because of you the conference was so professional and polished. I am so happy we got to come to Denver and work with you guys in person. You went above and beyond!! I love our partnership and can’t wait to work together again!”


“You are the best!! Great job of pulling the production together and making it come to life! Perfection! Great job on the platform, it’s wonderful, easy to navigate and so high tech now, love it!! And we have analytics!

And for working with us on contract and changes and changes…. And making it within our financial reach to do the wonderful things you did for these last 4 days! Many, many thanks for making Precision and all of us look good!”


And here’s a few pictures of their custom designed virtual platform and virtual background on the green screen:

A virtual auditorium for a virtual event the learning lounge, a room inside the virtual platform the virtual lobby for SYTA's virtual conference two event professionals using green screen technology

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