We’re excited to announce enhancements on our newly updated Presentation Management Portal that automates the process of organizing, collecting, and uploading presenter materials. The system is designed to streamline the presenter process by giving each speaker access to a secure portal to upload and manage their session content and material.

What makes this platform so special for today’s event environment is the ability to plan a fully live and fully virtual event at the same time without duplicating efforts. The eAttend platform’s database connects the agenda to the presenters and knows which presenters have uploaded presentations, videos and handouts, and which have not – generating a report on-demand for planners. If your live, in-person event needs to pivot to a full virtual or hybrid event at the 11th hour, all items – agenda, speakers, presentations, digital handouts, Q&A, polling, chat functionality – are already loaded and ready to go.

Speakers simply pre-record a video of their presentation (or have ImageAV produce a broadcast-quality presentation for them) and upload their slide deck. The eAttend platform can require a planner review for every presentation, if needed.

This tool revolutionizes an incredibly manual process and gives meeting planners confidence for the unexpected. If event circumstances change, our clients don’t have to start again at square one organizationally and financially. The eAttend platform, coupled with ImageAV’s production capabilities, uniquely positions us to seamlessly flex between meeting formats very quickly and without extra costs.

We are proud to continue to bring innovative features to its clients to allow meeting organizers to better plan and prepare for everchanging event circumstances.